Our Chef/Owner

Thank you for making Miss Mamie’s a success for so many years. We appreciate how Moline and the Quad Cities communities have embraced our cuisine and the quality and value we have provided for the past 20 years.

Our Chef/Owner, Mike Osborn, is a Quad Cities native who has been in the restaurant business since he was 16. Mike trained at the most prestigious culinary school in the U.S., the Culinary Institute of America, and he has cooked in private clubs throughout the Country and owned a bagel chain.

In 1995, Mike became the head chef at Miss Mamie’s in Moline. He helped open another location in Davenport, which is now Mo Brady’s Steakhouse, and in 2007, he purchased Miss Mamie’s.

Mike has always been serious about food. He takes care to select great ingredients, cook them properly and create excitement on the plate. According to his best customers, Mike’s a master at finessing flavor and developing dishes to please the palate while keeping it affordable for you.

Mike says, “Some people might call what we do budget gourmet food. We just call it good food, served at a great price with a little extra finesse.”

Come bask in the freshness of the American bounty at Miss Mamie’s.