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Miss Mamie’s Restaurant & Bar is designed for everyone and every food mood. Savor our special coastal Cajun Creole dishes — as well as salads, steaks, seafood, chicken and pork — and restore your faith in freshness.

On our lunch and dinner menus, you’ll find dishes with deep, tantalizing flavor to keep you coming back for more. These original menu items are created with the expert touch of our chef/owner, Mike Osborn. He makes dishes the way food should be made — with great care and attention out of excellent, fresh ingredients.

How many other Quad Cities restaurants are cutting steaks, making salad dressing, baking bread and stirring up soups every day? We do that and more. If you could peek into our kitchen, you’d find Mike and the staff unpacking the Aurora Angus Beef from Illinois and fresh Atlantic salmon before firing off some of the best-cooked steak, shrimp, salmon and catfish and sides in the area.

Let us share our understanding of food and passion for cooking with you! Have lunch or dinner at Miss Mamie’s today.